Where and when do you blog?

I’ve got a whole bunch of half-written blog posts in the drafts folder on my blog.

I often get ideas for posts just before I go to sleep, or while I’m at work, so I take a few notes and leave the post “until I get home”. Often when I get home, I’m tired, or I’ve lost the impetus; sometimes I’ve just forgotten completely.

I think the biggest problem though, may be the location of my computer.

In our home, all the computers are together in one location in our living room. It was a choice we made for accountability. With the kids computers there, nothing could be hidden, and we could keep an eye on what the kids were seeing online. I’m also setting an example that they can see that I’m not looking at things that they shouldn’t see.

The flipside of this is that the kids are constantly around, or the TV is going in the background. I can very quickly slip into a game and block out what’s going on around me, but for me, writing or designing requires a different brain-space, and the background distractions make it nearly impossible.

I’m not quite sure how to resolve this situation at the moment.

Where and when do you blog? Can you blog/write/design in a noisy environment?

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