52 Books: #1 – A Million Miles in a Thousand Years – Don Miller

The first Don Miller book I read was Blue Like Jazz. It was recommended to me at a time I was questioning my faith, and I’ll be eternally grateful to the person who recommended it to me. It’s on my list to re-read this year.

I was given A Million Miles in a Thousand Years for Christmas, not really knowing what it was about. I started reading it yesterday, and finished it today. I could barely put it down.

At the heart of it, it’s a book about “story”, and seeing our lives as story. See, no matter what we do, we live. As we live, we create stories. Stories about ourselves, and stories that other people tell about us. For many of us, our lives would make pretty boring books; there are high points, and low points, but mostly our lives are pretty boring, and not the stuff of a page-turner.

But there are people whose lives make a positive impact; some on the people around them, some on the world. Their stories are bigger, and some are downright epic.

Good stories are intentional. If we see our lives as stories, and our stories as part of a greater narrative, then we can choose to just exist, and let the story pass us by, or we can choose to live our lives with intentionality, and choose the story rather than just letting it happen.

Given my decision to set goals this year, and live with some intentionality, couldn’t have been better timing.

I want to live a better story.

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