Don’t steal my stuff.

No seriously.

I was fooling around with a “copyright” search engine today.

Punched in my URL, and up popped several websites which copied the entire content of my depression post – and linked back to me. I’m totally cool with that – in fact, I’m absolutely stoked that something I wrote would touch you that much that you want to copy it and link it. I really appreciate that. And to you, the only thing I have to say is “thank you”.

This blog post is NOT addressed to you.

Then there were the two sites who grabbed the post, and quoted it in full, without attribution. That’s just rude, guys. I’ve emailed one, and considering my options on the other.

This blog post is addressed to you.

Then there’s the people who have taken the post and reposted it as their own work.

I don’t write here as much as I’d like to. Partially for the reasons mentioned in previous posts, and partly because I’m not disciplined enough.

So when I do post something, I normally put a lot of work into it.

Please don’t take my writing, change a few words, and then post it as your own work.

That’s just low.

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