You know you’ve played too much WoW when…

…you can accurately describe your life in WoW metaphors.

I’m currently trying to solo [70] Housekeeping and [70] Parenting quests while also doing the [70] Employment meta-quest. The dungeon boss is on a two-week cooldown cycle, and I’m expecting a respawn next Saturday. If I don’t complete the quests fully before the end of the cooldown period, I may have a major boss fight on my hands.

The three mini-bosses keep respawning, and if I’m not careful they disappear and return with adds. I can solo one at a time, but very easily become overwhelmed when all three aggro on me. Even if I manage to solo all the mini-bosses, they don’t drop any loot, just vendor trash.

On top of the quests, I have a minor debuff that I haven’t been able to get dispelled, which I think I got from one of the mini-bosses. That mini-boss is currently roaming the dungeon, and I’m trying to CC it into staying in the one place. I may well have to stealth and sap.

Got a surprise when the dungeon boss unexpectedly spawned this morning, but I used a Hug buff and CC’d the mini-bosses into it’s path. Fortunately it despawned without me pulling aggro.

Mind you, if you fully understand that, you might need to ask yourself a question…

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