Blaming my tools Redux

After a fruitless search for a suitable desk replacement that I could afford, the result was… nothing. I’m stuck with the desk I have. This leaves me with two main choices.

1. Leave everything as it is, and continue to blame the desk for my lack of creative output.
2. Re-arrange the desk as best I can, relocate the monitor off the plinth to directly in front of me, and see how it goes.

So, far it appears to be working well.
I also discovered another solution to my lack of creative output.


Yes, really. I spent all day yesterday cleaning the house. In the process I came up with multiple ideas for the direction of Geek Salad. Part of the problem I’ve been struggling with as pertains to the strip is the fact that I’d kind of lost direction, and didn’t want to just become a gag strip.

So there you go.

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